Thanks from Henry Ford Hospital

Dr. Newman and I want to take this opportunity and thank you for the additional supplies I/we have been requesting throughout these past few weeks.  These supplies (mainly the large handle silverware, foam/handles, button hooks, and pocket dressers) are vital to our pALS and their families as they become accustomed to a “new normal” way of life. By having these extra supplies readily on hand, we have been able to be of service to them immediately during their first visit.

They no longer have to wait until their first multi-disciplinary clinic appointment for these items. Again, we are able to give any needed supplies at this initial visit. And these visits are numbering two or three per week.

To bring greater clarity, last week when meeting with a family, the father noted that he was having greater difficulty holding the silverware. His daughter was giving him a lighter and slimmer fork with the thought that it would make it easier for him to eat (based upon his limited arm strength and mobility). Unfortunately, the opposite was the answer. As we demonstrated with the utensils. He was so very happy, as was his daughter!!

Again, thank you for supplying the ALS Clinic with these items. We are most appreciative. Take care,

Randall J. Berd
ALS Clinic Coordinator
Henry Ford Hospital

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