Thanks ALS Friends

On behalf of Scott, I cant thank you enough for all you’ve done to help us through Scott’s journey. We love you all! Stephanie, Michaela, Courtney and Heather

Thanks for your Caring Words

Dear Linda, Thanks for your caring words about Chuck. I appreciate what you did for him and for me and also what you and your colleagues do for so many pALS and their families. Thank you, Lynne

Thank you for helping me and Larry

I want to thank you for all the help you gave to me and Larry during Larry’s fight with ALS. I cannot begin to tell you how important you and your group of helpers were to us. You supplied the motorized wheelchair for Larry and it was a God send. You also helped us get a hoyer lift. This helped

Thanks from Henry Ford Hospital

Dr. Newman and I want to take this opportunity and thank you for the additional supplies I/we have been requesting throughout these past few weeks.  These supplies (mainly the large handle silverware, foam/handles, button hooks, and pocket dressers) are vital to our pALS and their families as they become accustomed to a “new normal” way of life. By having these

A Note of Thanks

Just a short note to tell all of your wonderful people that you are doing a great thing. I lost my wife to ALS and bless and love all of you for what you are doing. – Dean

My Turn: Allison Sherry

My journey began sometime between 2003 and 2006. In the beginning, the symptoms were subtle and sporadic. When you are in otherwise fairly good health, it’s easy to dismiss or overlook the changes in your body. First, it started with severe muscle cramps in my legs. I was somewhat immobile due to recent surgery, so I just attributed the cramping

My Turn: Mitch Shaver

My name is Mitch Shaver. I’m 45 years of age with a beautiful wife, Rhonda, and two amazing children. Rhonda and I will be celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary this fall. Our son, Merick is 16 and a junior in high school.  Our daughter Mariah is 15 and a sophomore. My first symptom noticed was on a business trip in

My Turn: Silver Linings

By Rhonda Shaver On January 30, 2018 my husband Mitch heard three letters that would determine his future…ALS. As an individual hears these letters and places them with a diagnosis many thoughts and emotions can swell up inside. On this particular day, I sat in the room and watched my husband process those 3 letters as if it was another
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